Sandblasting Services

sandblasting poolWikipedia defines Sandblasting as a generic term for the process of smoothing, shaping and cleaning a hard surface by forcing solid particles across that surface at high speeds.

Here at Bayside Sandblasting & Painting we have been doing this and much more for the past 27 years. We use all sorts of media for the various types of surfaces and environments that we come in contact with.

The everyday job of removing graffiti from overpasses and cleaning steel I-beams for construction is expanding to people’s homes and backyards.

Our mobile service will include sandblasting over 250 pools this year to remove some kind of failed product in preparation for a newer product to be applied by others.

We also have gone into people’s homes to restore fire damaged wood trusses and remove paint from a brick fire place wall. We also provide a large facility to bring in items so that we can do them in a controlled environment.

This works to the customer’s advantage as well as ours.

With a yard to bring items in the customer can save themselves the mobilization charge. In our yard we can do boat bottoms to grill parts. We also provide qualified and experience painters to coat the items once they’ve been sandblasted.

Media is a broad term used these days in sandblasting that describes the materials used in surface preparation. We use a variety of different types such as: silica, coal slag, corn cob, walnut shell, glass beads, aluminum oxide, wood chips and plastic beads. Every one of these types of media has a particular job that we’ve found over the years that works best on.

Examples of Graffiti Removal

sandblasting - graffiti before sandblasting - graffiti after
sandblasting - graffiti before sandblasting - graffiti after

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